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Hello! Everyone.. Just to update this thing since i haven't, got around to writing in my lj. Yep things have been good and i graduated from KCS. I have a job now at Target Stamped Products in Kinsman, Ohio. I help out with the outside stuff... landscaping, mowing, etc. I had to cook lunch for the owner of Target and the salary people. I sat in on an informal meeting about the companies. Very interesting. I like the companies, here. I am also looking at some colleges to go to for business.....

yeah yeah life is good...

i went to the cottage in Brooklyn, MI and went to the races. Gene and Sandy's kids were there and it was a blast.

Doug and Cindy cooked drunken' chicken and some other stuff....

me!!! my outfit for prom

love my life..... phil

****12**** is back!!!
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