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what the hell?

It seems that this is the only way i can talk to you! I try and I try to control my anger and i can't seem to be nice anymore. Each time i call the line is busy or you don't return my message. And today i asked you if you would go shopping to spend some time and you just blew it off. And you just said whatever. AND THEN.... you hung up or something like it and that set me off and i try to call back and you turned the phone off.....

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! YOU CAN ASK ANYBODY AND THEY WILL TELL YOU! I LOVE YOU AND I DON'T WANT THIS TO END BUT IF IT COMES A POINT then it will happen.. just here me out and if it is me or someone else tell me...i feel like shit and i shouldn't i havn't talked to you in a while....i love you please talk to me and call me!!!!! I LOVE YOU PHIL*****12 phillip
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